At Superior Benefits Group Int’l, we know that attracting and hiring great talent is difficult in today's economy.  Job seekers want, need and deserve to have benefits that protect them in the case of unexpected events.  Helping employers provide those benefits is our mission.  

Working with employers across industries, we are making a difference for employers and employees alike.  Through adoption of The Superior Benefits Plan, over 1000 companies in 14 states have already differentiated themselves from the competition and, as a result, are able to hire and retain the best talent in the marketplace by allowing them to choose the benefits most important to them.

Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, Superior Benefits Group Int’l is expanding nationally and excited to bring this revolutionary benefits product to the marketplace.

Meet The Team

We are the best because our team is the best. We believe in empowerment and community and through our relationships we have assembled a team of consumate professionals.

"Alan is responsible for the management and development of business, and the creation of pa..."

Alan Batchelder - Director of Business Development & Strategic Partnerships

"Patty is responsible for sales and marketing throughout the state of Florida and the south..."

Patty Brunner - Regional Director - Southeast

"Dr. Deb Moerland is the Regional Director for Michigan and surrounding states.  She h..."

Dr. Deb Moerland - Regional Director - Midwest

"David is responsible for educating Superior Benefits Group’s clients on the ever-growing t..."

David Quackenbush - Director of Risk Management Product Offerings

"Wes is responsible for advising on all financial matters regarding SBG's program.  He..."

Wes Campbell, CPA - Corporate Advisor

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