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Life & Supplemental Insurance with No Out of Pocket Expense

No one plans to be sick, have an accident, or pass away, but things happen.  The one sure way to ensure you and your loved ones don’t face financial burdens is to put a plan in place in advance.  Now, with the Transcend Benefit Plan from Superior Benefits Group Int’l you can get the life and supplemental insurances you need with no out of pocket expense. 

How Does It Work?

Offered through your employer, the Transcend Benefit Plan is paid for with pre-tax earnings that allow you to take home the same amount of pay yet have the coverage you and your family need.  Your employer loves offering you these benefits because it costs them nothing out of pocket and actually saves them money.

The Transcend Benefit Plan – Insurance for You and Those You Care About Most

  • Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance - Up to $100,000 and $500,000 maximum
  • Critical Illness – Relax knowing your medical bills are paid during life’s most challenging times.
  • GAP Coverage – Relieve the stress of high healthcare deductibles
  • Accident – Offset the unexpected costs from injuries
  • Short Term Disability - Money to pay your bills when you can't work
  • Legal Service Plan - Millions of subscribers use this suite of responsive and affordable attorney services daily to take care of life events, with the touch of a mobile app
  • Identity Theft Protection - Because there are hundreds of data breaches each year and millions of new identity theft victims, everyone should have protection with access to fraud investigators 24/7 to restore your identity.

What People Are Saying…

"I recently started at this company where they offered the Transcend Benefit Plan to their employees and fell in love with it immediately!  I was able to sign up for a nice life insurance policy and also get some great supplemental benefits for me and my family with no change in my take home pay.  This program is a great addition to my company's existing health care plan so very excited!!"

Elizabeth R.
Office Administrator
PHC Enterprises, Inc.

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